Police Issue Notices To Naga Shaurya's Father Over Illegal Gambling In Farmhouse

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Hyderabad: The news of a police raid on Telugu actor Naga Shaurya’s farmhouse on Sunday, after they received a tip-off that illegal gambling activities were being conducted there, has caused a stir in the Hyderabad circles.

Now as per the latest updates, the names of Naga Shaurya family members involved in these activities have caused quite a stir. Police have issued notices to Naga Shaurya’s father Shankar Prasad in relation to this case.

As per details, after the police started questioning the farmhouse manager Suman Chowdary who was caught on Sunday night, several startling details about these gambling activities had come to the fore.

Police were stunned to see the way the gambling was being conducted in a mini-casino there. Naga Shaurya's father was allegedly said to be involved in these banned activities. The other startling fact was that not only in this farmhouse, but the gambling activities were also being conducted in several farmhouses in the outskirts of the city.

Even as the police are analyzing the call details and phone data of Suman, many shocking details are coming to light in the way they are conducting these high-tech gambling activities. Apart from the names of high-profile people, reports say that a separate WhatsApp group for each farmhouse was created, where there are up to 200 gamblers in each WhatsApp group.  While conducting the gambling activities, they are using chips and they also have card-swiping machines for the customers. Cash is also allowed if they chose not to use the card. According to the police investigation, Suman has also assured the people about the safety and security in these places. Once they enter on a Friday evening, the card games and other gambling activities continue till Sunday night. Liquor and food are also served to the people who come to play in these luxurious farmhouses.

According to the latest updates coming from the SoT office, the name of a man named Bujji who happens to be the actor’s uncle is also coming under investigation. Police are now investigating his role in depth.

Already 20 celebrities are in the police lockup in the case. All of them are undergoing COVID health checkups and the police are going to move the Criminal Court for their remand once the process is complete. Several high-profile people including former TDP MLA from Mahabubabad constituency Sriram Bhadrayya was caught at  Naga Shaurya’s farmhouse . Accompanying him were real estate developers Rajaram and another realtor named  Maddula Prakash.

However, the Varudu Kaavalenu actor Naga Shaurya is yet to respond to this news.

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