Nizamabad: NRI Slips Into Coma, Family Struggles To Fund His Treatment

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A resident of Nizamabad who went to the Gulf for employment due to an accident fell into a coma.

Doctors say it will cost Rs 15 lakhs to treat him. The family can't afford it and is devastated.

Nizamabad: Srinivas Deena a resident of Nyavanandi from Sirikonda Mandal was born and raised in the Nizamabad district, for employment he had to leave his family behind and travel to the Gulf. Unfortunately, destiny had other things in mind for him.

The family fell on the roads as he was confined to bed due to an unexpected accident. Proper medical care in a foreign country became very costly. Now the doctors say that it will cost Rs 15 lakhs for his medical treatment. The family is worried. This is the story of Srinivas Deena from Sirikonda in the Nizamabad district.

Srinivas of Nyavanandi from Sirikonda Mandal has a wife Lakshmi, two sons, and a daughter. Srinivas went to the Gulf for employment as his income was not enough to support his family. He borrowed money and went to Bahrain to work for a company and send money home. However, on September 1 last year, Srinivas slipped in the bathroom and went into a coma with a serious head injury.

He underwent surgery on his head with the help of company representatives and opened his eyes 20 days later. With his speaking ability completely falling apart, even though he remembers people he is not able to talk to them. In addition, his left arm and leg were completely paralyzed. He cannot take any food except liquids. The representatives of the company have given financial support for nearly 20 days but later they couldn't. They even tried to send him back to India but due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the process got delayed. With this, the family members took a loan of Rs 2 lakhs and took him to a private hospital where he was treated.

Srinivas's family members brought him home after doctors said it would cost another Rs 15 lakhs to fully improve his health. The struggle of that poor family to keep the man of the house healthy is making everyone cry. The family is begging the government and donors to support their family.

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