Hyderabad Man Arrested For Extorting Rs 1 Crore From Wife, Posing As Friend

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HYDREABAD: The Cyberabad police on Friday arrested one person for blackmailing his own wife in the guise of a friend and extorting Rs 1 crore from her. According to the police, Santhosh, the accused, has been harassing his wife, who is working in the US as a software professional, for quite some time.

Interestingly, he chose to be an imposter to blackmail his wife. Posing as one of her friends, Santosh sent several messages and pictures to demand money from her. He even threatened to upload the messages and photos in social media if she failed to pay him Rs 1 crore. He finally succeeded in extorting the money from his wife.

But his wife grew suspicious of Santhosh’s behaviour of late and complained to the cyber crime police. Based on the complaint, the Cyberabad women police arrested Santhosh who was later remanded to custody, according to Madhapur Assistant Commissioner of Police Shyam. The higher police official said that there was previous history against Santhosh of harassing some women in a similar manner. Santhosh has been into vices because of which he did not even hesitate to blackmail his own wife for easy money, he said. The police teams are trying to elicit more information from Santhosh in this regard, the ACP has added.

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