Gang Caught Smuggling Red Sandalwood in Pushpa Style

 - Sakshi Post

HYDERABAD: Movies always made a huge influence on our real life and believe it or not, so many people get inspired by them, no matter it's good or bad.  Two persons allegedly tried to smuggle red sandalwood in the filmy style as Allu Arjun did in the Pushpa movie. 

LB Nagar SOT police have arrested two persons- Shaik Mahammed Rafi, Mulla Basheer Ahmed while the other accused in the case- Murthy was absconding. 

The accused were smuggling the sandalwood from Andhra Pradesh. Police have recovered 31 sandalwoods, 3 mobile phones and Rs 1600 from their possession. 

The worth of the seized sandalwood sums up to Rs 60,81,000, the police said.

The accused copied the same trick from the movie Pushpa by loading the truck with red sandalwood and placing Banana fruits and its leaves on top of that.  

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