Virat Kohli Leaves Viv Richards Impressed, Here's How!

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Former Indian cricketer Vivek Razdan shared an amusing story about how Virat Kohli assisted West Indies legend, Viv Richards, during a flight.

Richards was a member of the commentary team for India's 2019 tour of the Windies. The players and the broadcast crew were on the same flight. Because all of the overhead lockers were full, Richards did not find a place to keep his bag. Kohli, the Indian captain at the time, removed his luggage and moved Richards' bag over there.

"Suddenly, Kohli stood from his seat and began rearranging the players' luggage. Finally, he removed his own bag from the locker, placed it beneath the seat in front of him, and placed Viv Richards' bag in that space. Richards thanked him with a tap on the shoulder," he said

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Razdan, who was on the series' commentary team, explained that matches in the West Indies are held on various islands. As a result, players from both IPL teams, the production crew, and members of the West Indies' board of directors travel together between matches.

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