Trivikrama Review: Vikram Ravichandran Passes Debut Test With Flying Colors

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Kannada Crazy Star Ravichandran's son Vikram is making his onscreen debut as a lead actor for the first time. He has already had his exposure to showbiz as a child actor. But with Trivikrama, the actor wants to bring back his dad Ravichandran's lover boy image. Does he achieve his goal in Trivikrama? Let's find out.

Other than Vikram Ravichandran, Trivikrama also stars Akanksha Sharma, Tulasi Shivamani, Suchendra, Chikkanna and Aadi Lokesh in key roles. The film is directed by Sahana Murthy.

Trivikrama Review

For his very first movie as a hero, Vikram has chosen a commercial subject which gives him enough scope to don and perform in all  avatars. Vikram plays a middle class boy in Trivikrama. He shoulders the responsibility of his family as the son of a govt employee. As is the case with most stories, Vikram falls in love with a girl Trisha (Akanksha), from a rich family. Vicky has an out and out mass personality who will go to any length to protect his family from harm. On the other hand, Trisha is a girl who can't even stand the sight of any violence. Will this couple with two different personalities connect  to each other forms the crux of the plot in Trivikrama.

Performance and technical aspects

Even though this is his first outing as a hero, Vikram Ravichandran delivers outstanding performance. In certain scenes, he reminds us of Ravichandran from Prema Loka and Ranadheera. Vikram performs the role of a lover boy to  the  T and proves that he has what it takes to become a hero material. The director on his part has tried to incorporate all the elements required in a masala pot boiler—love between opposites, breakup, the struggles of a middle class family boy and so on. A few punch dialogues in Trivikrama are whistle-worthy. In a few scenes it is pretty apparent that more than the plot, the director tries to glorify the hero. But the scenes are purely for fans. Action scenes in Trikrama are a visual treat. When the entire movie moves in the same track, the twist in the climax will shock the audience. People will enjoy Arjun Janya's music and particularly, Shakuntala and Please mummy songs. For the unversed, 'Please Mummy' track was a chartbuster and still tops the charts. Santosh Rai Pathaji's camera work is commendable.

Verdict: Vikram Ravichandran passes the debut test with flying colors


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