'One Piece' manga enters month-long hiatus as writer gets eye surgery

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New Delhi (IANS) One of the longest running and famous shonen mangas and animes, with over 1,000 plus chapters and episodes as well as 15 movies, the 'One Piece' manga has currently been put on a month long hold due to author or mangaka Eiichiro Oda having to undergo surgery for astigmatism.

However, the manga will return in the 33rd issue on July 18 and will still run in next week's 28th issue on June 12. 'One Piece' will also be getting a live-action adaptation on Netflix with it already being confirmed to release in 2023.

The official One Piece Twitter account, translated by Shonen Jump News shared an update providing information regarding the issues which won't be coming for a while as Oda undergoes surgery.

The tweet from Shonen Jump reads: "ONE PIECE will be going on break for a total of *4 issues* starting Weekly Shonen Jump Issue #29 due to Eiichiro Oda undergoing surgery. Series is scheduled to come back in Issue #33, out on July 18."

Illnesses are not unusual for manga authors because they have an incredibly hectic schedule due to their extremely tight deadlines resulting in many health concerns like anxiety, exhaustion, insomnia etc.

Currently, Oda's astigmatism has impacted his eyesight causing things for him to become blurry which he said is affecting the quality of his work.

Starting all the way back in 1997, the manga has currently entered its final arc and has left many fans impressed as it seems to be delivering on the hype it has built.

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