From What to Do At Age 21 To You Look Pregnant, Indian Netizens Preach Environment Activist Disha Ravi

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Following the arrest of climate activist Disha Ravi, Netizens are busy sharing memes and having fun. The activist who is 22-year old was taken into custody by the Delhi Police for her alleged involvement in the sharing of Toolkit.

The Delhi police raided Disha Ravi’s home on Saturday and was later arrested. She was charged with sedition and criminal conspiracy and will remain in police custody for five days.

“Disha Ravi, arrested by CyPAD unit of Delhi Police, is an Editor of the Toolkit Google Document and key conspirator in the document's formulation and dissemination. She started a WhatsApp Group and collaborated to make the Toolkit doc. She worked closely with them to draft the doc,” posted Delhi police.

The police further reported that Disha and other conspirators got together with the pro-Khalistani Poetic Justice Foundation and spread disaffection against India. Disha even shared the Toolkit doc with Greta.

A native of Bengaluru, Disha is 22 year-old BBA graduate from Mount Carmel College and is part of the climate activist group called, “Fridays for Future.” She started the Indian wing of the group in 2019. She also organized various campaigns in order to spread awareness regarding climate change.

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The case and controversy regarding a 22 year old activist has instigated Netizens to share their own stories. “At 21” started trending on Twitter as people shared their stories and what they were doing at 21.

Some even said they didn’t have any spice in life and the only daring thing they did at 21 was bunking classes. One user posted on Twitter saying, “At 21, I was bunking classes and it was the most mischievous thing I did. These people here tarnish the country’s image.”

Students who are 21 now, shared that they are struggling with the homework and find it difficult to complete it, here people are easily editing documents that will affect the entire nation. 

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