In Video: Delhi Crowd Loot Mangoes From Poor Vendor Worth Rs 30,000

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While the whole world is struggling to overcome the pandemic crisis, a poor hawker in New Delhi was looted in the most unexpected fashion. Common public, not thieves, stole mangoes worth Rs 30,000 from the unttended cart of the poor fruit-seller in Shahdara’s Jagat Puri area on Friday. Worse still, the shocking incident of weird mob behaviour happened in full public glare and in broad daylight. 

Reports claim that the incident took place after a fight erupted near a neighbourhood school when a group of people asked the vendor, identified as Chhote, to move his cart away. Taking advantage of the situation, some people pounced upon his crates and grabbed as many mangoes as they could.

Reportedly, he had 15 crates of mangoes worth Rs 30,000 and all of it was gone. In this video, shared by an eye witness on social media, riders passing were also seen jumping into the mad loot and filling their helmets with the fruit.  

The fruit seller, Chhote has lodged a complaint with the police but no action was yet taken.

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