Rajinikanth's Political Plunge: Will He Won't He?

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A crucial decision about the entry of Kollywood superstar Rajinikanth into politics will be taken on Monday (today). Speculations are rife about the political future of Rajanikanth in the backdrop of the upcoming Tamil Nadu Assembly Elections. 

Earlier, there was news about Rajinikanth will stay away from politics owing to his ill health.  But Rajinikanth had denied this thereby putting a full stop to these rumours. Now, a meeting has been fixed for the district secretaries of "Makkal Mandram" on November 30. A decision will be taken about the actor's entry into politics and details regarding him contesting  the upcoming elections will be revealed. 

It is not known if the meeting will be conducted on-line or through assembly of the participants in person due to Coronavirus. Earlier, a letter had gone viral in which it was stated that the actor was advised not to take part in canvassing for elections due to Corona and his health issues. 

Rajinikanth who had reacted to this had stated that the letter was not written by him but admitted that the content in that letter about the doctor's advice was true. Now, people are inquisitive about the outcome of today's meeting especially about Rajinikanth's decision regarding his entry into politics. 

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