Kannada TV Actress Chetana Raj Dies During Fat Surgery

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Chetana Raj Death: Suspected Fat Surgery Death Of Television Actress Chetana Raj

Chetna Raj's family claims doctors were negligent during her fat surgery, which resulted in her death.

Parents are furious that their child perished as a result of medical malpractice.

Bangalore: Chetana Raj, a television actress, died at the Shetty Cosmetic Hospital in Navrang Circle. Water accumulated in her lungs as a result of the fat surgery. Parents are furious that their child perished as a result of medical malpractice.

Munilakshmi, the actress's mother, sobbed in front of her body. Chetana's father, Varadaraj, claimed that the fat surgery was done without the proper equipment or parental approval.

The incident occurred at the Subramaniyanagar police station. The actress' parents have chosen to file a police report against the hospital and doctor.

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Dr Shetty did not speak to the parents or the media about the death. Doctors stated that they would speak when the post-mortem report is completed.

The starlet had gotten liposuction without telling her parents. She was admitted to the hospital around 9:30 a.m. yesterday (May 16) and had surgery.

During the evening hours, the actress allegedly experienced minor changes in her health as water began to accumulate in her lungs.

Her lungs were filled with water during the operation, and her condition was critical. The majority of the treatment was attempted around four o'clock. But she died in the meantime.

The parents were taken to Shetty Hospital right away. Chetanna Raj died as a result of the doctors' incompetence at Shetty Cosmetic Hospital.

According to sources, the actress never notified her parents about the procedure and went to the hospital with her friends.

Chethana's body is now in the hospital and will be transferred to Ramaiah hospital for a post-mortem later in the morning.

The patient's family has filed a police report against the hospital at the local police station.

Further details regarding the same are yet to be known.

The Chetanna Raj family lived in Abbeygere, in Bangalore's North Taluk. Chetana has appeared in several serials and films. Chetanna Raj featured in Colors Kannada's Geeta, Dorasani, and Leaning Station serials, she also appeared in the unreleased film "Hawaiian."

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