Farmers' Woes: Two Rupees Cheque For 512 Kg Onions!

 - Sakshi Post

An incident which highlighted the dire situation of farmers in India, who are often left at the mercy of middlemen and traders has come to light in Solapur of Maharashtra. 

A farmer named Rajendra Tukaram Chavan from Barshi received a cheque of Rs 2 for selling 500 kg of onion. The farmer travelled 70 kms to sell onions. Unfortunately, the price for the onions went down to a low of Rs 1 per kg. After accounting for labour and weighing cost, he was only left with just Rs 2. A trader in the market yard handed him the cheque, which has caused outrage as the date on the cheque is March 8, 2023. 

The photos of the receipt and the cheque have gone viral on social media.

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