BTS V Instagram King, Smashes Angelina Jolie's Records

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Ever since all the BTS members joined Instagram making their individual accounts, they have been breaking records left and right, especially V aka Kim Taehyung.

From achieving the fastest 1 million followers to 5 million, 10M, 20M, and mostly so on… he holds literally every single record. V’s account reached 1 million followers in just 40 minutes breaking actor Angelina Jolie’s record. Furthermore, he got more than 10 million followers at the end of 24 hours of his account going public. With this, he beat FRIENDS star, Jennifer Aniston.

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He broke the record for the fastest 10 million likes and also has the achievement with the most-liked Instagram post by an Asian artist. His account is growing rapidly and every single post of his gets more 10 million likes easily. V has proved that he is one of the most popular artists in the world right now.

BTS members are currently on a break. They successfully wrapped their Permission To Dance On Stage in Los Angeles 4 nights concerts and decided to take a period of rest. Jin, Jungkook and Jimin returned to South Korea right after their schedule ended and went into self-quarantine. Jhope and V returned home recently after a short trip while RM and Suga are enjoying their vacation in a foreign land.

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