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As the title of the movie makes it clear, it is all about revenge, revenge, and more revenge. Director Wuyyuru Ravi Sri Durga Prasad and producer Satyanarayana Sunkara have joined hands to bring out the film. 

Paga Paga Paga was released in theatres today (September 22). Let's find out what the film is about.


The story is set in the mid-1980s Vijayawada where Jaggu (music veteran Koti) and Krishna (Banerjee) are contract killers. Due to bad luck, Krishna gets caught by the police. Jaggu promises to look after his family in his absence. But after he is blessed with a daughter, Jaggu shifts from the town and starts a new life as a businessman, calling himself Jagadeesh Prasad.

More than 20 years later, Jaggu's grown-up daughter Siri (Deepika Aradhya) and Krishna's college-going son Abhi (Abhilash Sunkara) end up falling in love with each other. Siri goes against his father's wishes and proceeds to marry Abhi. Jaggu becomes insanely angry at her. Krishna, in the meantime, has got some other plans. What happens next has to be watched on the big screen.


Koti has played a negative role for the first time and he brings sincerity to the table. As a villain, as a doting father, as an insecure man, and as a successful businessman, he gets to show many shades in the movie. Banerjee is a bankable artist and he plays his part well.

Newcomer Abhilash, who has been a stuntman in the film industry, does a fine job. Kannada actress Deepika is cute. Most of the other characters (played by Sudhakar Naidu, Bharani Shankar, Bigg Boss fame Karate Kalyani, Ram Sunkara and others) leave little impact.

Technical Departments:

Koti's music is passable; there have been lots of new trends in the background music segment, which he should build on. The cinematography by Naveen Challa is okay. The editing by KAY Paparao is also average.

The action department led by Ram Sunkara should have given us inventive fights.

What's hot:

The film's basic premise is very interesting. By setting the story in two different timelines, the director creates an ample amount of interest. These days, the audience are respecting shows/films that are set in two or more timelines. That's because of the strong impact of the OTT shows.

In Paga Paga Paga, one part of the story takes place in 1985, then some part in the early 1990s, and then a lot in 2006. The passage of time makes the elderly characters show new shades.

There is also some suspense that is built. In Rajinikanth's 'Narasimha', we saw how the kids/relatives of two rivals cross paths and drive the drama. The plotting in Paga Paga Paga is completely different, but we get to see two middle-aged characters caught in unforeseen circumstances. 

Jaggu's hunt for contract killers has been narrated reasonably well.

What's not:

The college portions are too ordinary. They are a bit boring because of how the rom-com portions have been shown.

The actual story takes place in the second half. By that time, the audience would have watched many irrelevant portions.

The film doesn't fully realize its potential. Many scenes are lackluster.


This film is just about decent with some flaws. Watch it with low expectations.

Rating: 2.5

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