Pushpaka Vimanam Review, Rating: Anand Deverakonda Movie A Forgettable Affair

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Anand Deverakonda's Pushpaka Vimanam released in theatres today. Vijay Deverakonda extensively promoted the film—in fact more than any of his own movies. Pushpaka Vimanam is directed by Damodara. If you are planning to watch the movie this weekend and looking for the review of Pushpaka Vimanam, here you go

Plot: Anand Deverakonda as Chittilanka Sundar, Geeth Saini as Meenakshi and Saanve Megghana as Rekha are the characters in the film.Sundar( Anand) is a government school teacher. Anand Deverakonda has a fantasy about his wedding. He gets married to Geet Saini (Meenakshi). Chittilanka Sundar, who had huge expectations on his marriage, gets a big shock from Meenakshi. She elopes with another man within one week of their wedding. However, Chittilanka Sundar pretends that everything is good in his married life. Chittilanka Sundar's colleagues and friends ask about his wife. Chittilanka Sundar brings his friend Saanve Megghana as (Rekha) to introduce everyone as his wife. Unfortunately, Meenakshi is murdered by someone. Who killed Meenakshi? With who did she elope? Why did they murder her forms the crux of the story.

Performance: Anand Deverakonda has better experience than Geeth and Rekha. But the two have performed better than Anand Deverakonda. Anand Deverakonda's performance is not up to the mark. Sunil and Naresh deliver a superb performance in their roles. 

Plus Points:


Few comedy scenes

Minus Points:

Second half

Weak characterization of the support cast


Verdict: Few scenes in Pushpaka Vimanam are interesting to watch. But on the whole, film seems like another run of the mill story. The climax and screenplay of the film are not so impressive.


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