Moderna Booster Shot for South Africa Covid Variant Omicron

 - Sakshi Post

With new Covid19 variants being discovered now, the pharmaceutical companies are also looking into making booster shots to fight the same. Recently Moderna, a US pharmaceutical company, announced on Friday that it will create a booster shot to combat the new Omicron coronavirus variant.

This is not just the only way that Moderna has thought of in order to fight the new variant. They have three other tactics in mind. One also includes increasing the dose of its current vaccine.

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As the new variant has become a matter of concern for sometime now, the companies are finding ways to battle it. Earlier it was the Delta variant but now it is Omicron. These variants generally affect the treatment and might lead to severe symptoms.

According to the World Health Organization, the new strain, termed omicron, has a number of genetic changes that could allow it to spread swiftly, even among those who have been vaccinated.

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