Heartbreaking Scenes at Kabul Airport as Desperate People Rush to Board Aircraft Over Taliban Takeover

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The situation in Afghanistan, which is completely under Taliban control, is getting more worrisome with each passing day. People are desperate to flee to other countries to escape the Taliban insurgency.
Heartbreaking scenes were witnessed at the Kabul airport when people flocked the airport to board the aircraft. The scenes reflect the current dire situation in Afghanistan.

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Kabul airport looked like a bus station on Monday morning. It was common to see people jostling to board a plane parked at the airport, with people scurrying to get inside the cabin. Barbed wire was laid at the airport, guarded by American soldiers. The airport is crowded.

American soldiers fired into the air to disperse people at the airport. An eyewitness said it was very scary to be there. The Taliban has won a 20-year war after Afghan President Ashraf Ghani fled the country. Anxiety set in in Kabul after Taliban militants seized the presidential palace on Sunday night, prompting many to flee to different countries. 

Taliban militants have seized control of Afghanistan in just 10 days. Ashraf Ghani, who posted a statement on Facebook after fleeing the country, said that the Taliban have won with their swords and guns. He said that they are now responsible for the dignity, property and safety of his countrymen. Taliban co-founder Abdul Ghani Bardar also declared victory.

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