Telangana Auto Drivers Want KCR to Give Them 10K Like AP CM YS Jagan

Telangana Auto Drivers Want KCR to Give Them 10K Like AP CM YS Jagan - Sakshi Post

Auto driver’s JAC has given a one-day auto bandh call on Dec 15.

Hyderabad: Telangana Auto Drivers JAC has called for a one-day Auto Bandh on December 15 to protest the police and RTA's criminal negligence in stopping neighbouring district autos plying illegally in the twin cities and to demand that KCR, the Chief Minister, provide Rs. 10,000/- financial assistance to every auto, as A.P. CM Jagan Mohan Reddy did.

Mohd. Amanullah Khan, the convener, addressed the media today, alleging that the Ola and Uber cab managements are illegally plying non-local and other district autos under their control, and demanding the immediate arrest of the Ola and Uber cab managements as well as the seizure of all such neighbouring district autos carrying passengers under their control. The Auto Drivers' additional requests include that KCR apologises to them for not enacting an appropriate rise in auto metre rates for more than seven years (14.02.2014, the last date of increase).

The government should formulate the necessary guidelines to deter private auto financiers from harassing drivers. Auto drivers are unable to pay the high E-challan penalties; thus, the government should cut the penalties by up to 50%.

The State government should press the Federal Government to increase the DL retest term to five years rather than one year, as it was previously, and to reverse the erroneous one-year timeframe decision.

The press conference was attended by K. Laxmi Narsaiah, Mirza Rafathullah Baig, Shaik Raheem, Dastagir, J. Vamshi Krishna, Mohammed Lateef, and Farooq Bhai.

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