Cyberabad Police to Act Against Commuters Driving With Suspended Licenses

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Hyderabad and Cyberabad police warned of serious action against those whose licenses have been suspended 

Driving License: Those whose driver's licences have been suspended due to a traffic accident, reckless driving, or other traffic offences are still blatantly using the roads. 

Henceforth, the Cyberabad police will be on the lookout for them. They have stated that a special drive would be planned only for them.

It is well known that people who break traffic regulations in Telangana would feel penalised by the police. However, in addition to the fines imposed on individuals who break the laws, as evidenced by pictures, some people's licences have been suspended.

Have you ever had your driver's licence suspended or revoked as a result of a car accident, reckless driving, or another traffic offence? Are you driving without a valid driving licence?

If that be the case, be cautious. You will never be able to escape the law by the cops. Cyberabad police have issued a warning, stating that they will conduct a special drive and initiate harsh punishment against anyone who violates the law. Although the police urge people not to drive in an inebriated state. Several commuters break laws and do that end up getting re-arrested or convicted.

Road accidents occur when someone is found driving under the influence, driving recklessly, or breaking traffic laws. The RTA officials then suspend the accused's driving licence for 3-6 months after examining the police reports. Their licences have been permanently revoked as a result of their gross misbehaviour. Some drivers, whose licences have been revoked or suspended are driving illegally on the road. Vehicles should never be driven until their licence or suspension has been lifted.

However, DCP Vijay Kumar stated that licences of several people driving vehicles beyond validity Under Section-182 of the Motor Vehicle Act have been revoked and such individuals will face severe consequences. They have been slapped with a fine of Rs 10,000 and a three-month jail sentence. He stated that a special campaign will be held in Cyberabad soon.

The Cyberabad traffic police have warned that anyone whose driver's licences have been suspended or revoked would face severe consequences if they are caught driving. The social media platform is helping to raise awareness among drivers this way, say the police. 

Those who have been involved in road accidents in the last three years, and who have been repeatedly caught by police in the Drunken Drive case, can have their licences revoked at any time. Cyberabad Traffic DCP Vijay Kumar has written hundreds of letters to RTA officials, requesting that those who drive vehicles in violation have their licences revoked. The restrictions would be severely enforced, he continued, taking this into account.

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