Swiggy Annual StatEATistics 2021: Chicken Biryani, Masala Dosa Most Ordered

 - Sakshi Post

The Swiggy annual ‘StatEATistics’ for the year 2021 is out now and let’s say unsurprisingly, Chicken Biryani was the year’s most ordered dish. As the year ends, businesses are busy looking back on how it went for them. Swiggy is back with their list of the top most ordered dishes of the year.

Well, it must not have come as a surprise for many when Biryani was on top of the list. After all, the dish had topped the charts for five years running. This is now the sixth consecutive year when biryani has topped the favorites’ list.

However, it set new records this year. People in India purchased 90 biryanis each minute in 2020, according to Swiggy's data. This year, the figure surpassed 115, increasing the total number of biryanis ordered in 2021 to 6,044,44,000. The study was based on orders from 500 cities.

In places like Bengaluru, Chennai, Kolkata, Lucknow, and Hyderabad, chicken biryani was the most popular dish. It was also ordered 4.3 times more than the vegetarian version. In addition, both chicken and mutton biryani were among the top three dishes in both Chennai and Kolkata. People in Mumbai, on the other hand, ordered twice as many dal khichdi as they did chicken biryanis.

On the other hand, masala dosa also made it to the top five most ordered dishes. Approximately in ten cities, it was at the top.

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