Spoiler Alert Janaki Kalaganaledu Today's Episode November 03: Jaanu Asks For One More Chance

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Following Jnanamba's order, Rama and Jaanu reaches their farm and wait for Jnanamba's arrival. Jnanamba also reaches the spot but stays calm without talking to anyone. Rama starts the conversation and asks why she is not talking to them after calling them to the farm. 

Jnanamba then scolds Rama for disrupting the reputation of Jnanaprasunamba sweet shop. When Janaki and Rama Chandra apologises, Jnanamba gets angry for their carelessness. Later, Janaki asks for one chance to prove herself.

Meanwhile, Mallika tries to go to the farm to know what decision will Jnanamba take. However, her friend Kalavathi stops her and asks her to play a game. Mallika escapes from her and reaches the farm. 

Jnanamba tells Janaki that she will give 15 days time to prove herself. Will Janaki be a good wife and daughter-in-law in Jnanamba's family is to be watched in the coming episodes.

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