Naga Shourya Viral Video: Anchor Rashmi Gautam Fires Netizens For Insensitivity

Naga Shourya Viral Video: Anchor Rashmi Stands Up For The Actor For Supporting Girl - Sakshi Post

HYDERABAD: Popular Telugu TV anchor Rashmi Gautam who has been in the news of late, after she was trolled for her stance on the stray dogs' issue on Social Media, has once again trained guns on the netizens for their insensitivity related to an incident where a girl was slapped in public allegedly by her boyfriend.

It all started with a video of the Tollywood actor Naga Shourya who was seen arguing with a youth for allegedly slapping and abusing a girl in public going viral. The video shows him holding the young man’s hand and vehemently demanding he apologise to the girl for hitting her in public. The girl who appears to be his girlfriend is seen pulling the man away from the public glare and the video was recorded by an onlooker and posted on social media.

The incident sparked a debate on social media, where some stated that it was a publicity stunt for his upcoming movie Phalana Ammayi, Phalana Abbayi with Srinivas Avasarala. Other went on to deride the actor for interfering in a personal matter between the couple. Some of the comments were borderline nasty which stated that he was supporting women and that it was the young man’s wish and who was he to interfere in their matter.

Rashmi Gautam responded to one of the tweets and scoffed at the comments and said that the comments shared in response to the video were shameful. She also questioned them whether they knew what pressure the girl was going through and whether they would want another suicide to happen.

Check out her tweet and the video below:

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