Jitendra Reddy Poster Is Quite Interesting 

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The poster of Jitendra Reddy is out. 'His(History) Needs To Be Told' is the film's tagline. 

The poster of Jitendra Reddy is no doubt creating buzz. Director Virinchi Varma, known for his romantic love stories like Uyyala Jampala and Majnu, seems to be taking a different genre route with his next film. The poster depicts a young boy sitting beside an older man, hinting at the challenges faced by different characters in the story. 

The poster does not reveal the identity of the main character. Nor does it talk about the storyline. 

Director Virinchi Varma's decision to choose such a mysterious theme is noteworthy. The poster, with its intriguing visuals, suggests that the film may have an action-drama narrative set against a real-life backdrop from Telangana. 

The technical team, including cinematographer V.S. Gnanashekar and music director Gopi Sundar, are said to have ensured excellent output. 

Is this movie based on true incidents of political nature? Or, is it based on fictional incidents? Let's wait and watch.

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