BTS Jungkook’s Pic Reminds ARMYs of Tom Holland's Spider-Man

 - Sakshi Post

We know it's canon that BTS exists in the Marvel Universe and that they survived the ‘Thanos snap’ in Avengers: Infinity War but what is also common knowledge among both fandoms is that Jungkook is a big-time Marvel fan. This often leads to fans making edits of the superhero role that JK would be best for. 

ARMYs love to create Spiderman edits with Jungkook as they feel he would nail the role. He has got the face, personality and muscles for it. Fans often find similarities between Tom Holland and JK, adding to their Jungkook-Spiderman agenda. But what happened recently, has added well to their dreams.

Jungkook along with other BTS members was featured in the December edition of Vogue magazine. His pictures from the photoshoot have left ARMYs speechless.

Out of all, one particular pose caught everyone’s attention. It was "THE SPIDERMAN POSE!", fans pointed out, finding the perfect poster picture for Jungkook’s Spiderman. The pic went viral in no time with comparisons being made to Tom Holland’s and Andrew Garfield's Spiderman.

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