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Bigg Boss Telugu OTT nearing the final around and there's a lot happening in the house. Bigg Boss Non-Stop has managed to garner more eyeballs, thanks to the contestants' activities and antics in the house. The episode which is most awaited by the contestants and the audience will soon be aired. 

Yes, the family reunion round is confirmed to happen this week. Bigg Boss Non Stop makers are said to have started the Family Reunion round shoot today. In the Bigg Boss show, the family meet episode is set to boost the contestants' condfidence so that they can perform better to reach the finale. After a long time, contestants' meeting with family members is bound to make viewers and contestants emotional and garner more eyeballs. 

In the Family Meet episode, contestants get a chance to know how they are performing through their family members' reviews. The family round is the most-watched episode of the show. So are you cruious to know who are the guests that will be entering Bigg Boss OTT Telugu show?

According to insiders, Bigg Boss assigned college / campus task to the contestants before the family meet. The last captain of Bigg Boss Telugu OTT is Baba Bhaskar, and the captaincy task was conducted well by Natraj Master. Bigg Boss Telugu OTT viewers really loved the way Natraj Master performed. And guess what! Natraj Master is going to have a big surprise in the Family Reunion round. Well, your guess is correct. Natraj Master's daughter and wife will enter the Bigg Boss Non Stop house. Bigg Boss OTT Telugu makers planned Family Reunion on Sunday also with host Nagarjuna. So this week, Bigg Boss Non Stop glass house will be filled with fun and emotions. 

Check Out Family Reunion Guests List

Shiva- Shiva's sister on weekdays; Shanmukh Jaswanth and Anchor Dhanush close friend of Shiva on weekends

Natraj Master- Natraj Master's wife and daughter on weekdays; Pinky on weekend

Akhil- Sohel 

Mitraaw- Siri

Ashu- Ashu's mother

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