Bigg Boss Telugu OTT: Best Performers Of The Week

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Nagarjuna's Bigg Boss Non Stop is a mix of love, friendship, fights, and several other emotions. Ninth week captaincy task has been tough for the contestants, and lots of fights and arguments have happened between the contenders. Bindhu and Akhil's teams gave stiff competition to each other to win the task. Bigg Boss Telugu OTT viewers say that Bindhu, Ariyana, and Hamida played hard without giving up. Netizens brand them as the best performers of the week and ask host Nagarjun to give a big round of applause for them. It seems like these three girls have grabbed the audience eyeballs with their game and spirit. 

Bigg Boss assigned contestants Aliens vs Human task. Aliens are Bindu, Ajay, Hamida, Ariyana, Natraj Master, and Humans are Akhil, Mitra, Shiva, Ashu, and Anil. Baba Bhaskar played the sanchalak. Well, there was physical defense and ugly fights, but viewers enjoyed it. Anyway, the open fact is that the Bigg Boss audience loves to watch high drama between the contestants. As per the sources, the viewership has been increased in the eighth week, and the contestants in the house are trying every trick in the book to win the hearts of the audiences. Follow Sakshi Post for more updates.

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