Bigg Boss Non Stop: Akhil and Bindu Fans War On Social Media

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Bigg Boss Telugu OTT is heading towards a grand finale and contestants in the house are trying hard to impress the viewers. The Bigg Boss Telugu OTT is entertaining the audience and has improved in terms of viewership. Outside the Bigg Boss Non-Stop House, the contestants' fans are working round the clock to root for their favorite contestants for votes. They are not sparing any opportunity to hype their contestant. Talking about Akhil and Bindu's fans, they are having a word of war on Twitter and other social media platforms over their performance. And the fights are endless. Akhil fans argue that Bindu doesn't deserve to win the trophy, while Bindu fans are pointing to the drawbacks of Akhil and are trying to show that he is a double-faced contestant. They simply need reasons to have fan wars on Twitter

Fans wars are common on social media platforms, and these fights are the best part of any Bigg Boss show. But it is worth mentioning here that Akhil and Bindu have their own strategy to play the tasks asisgned to them. The two are going all out to bag the trophy. Akhil and Bindu have the same number of votes and popularity to win Bigg Boss Non-Stop Season 1. But if you are a close observer of Bigg Boss OTT Telugu, then you might have seen that Akhil and Bindu only fight when they are on opposite teams. If Akhil and Bindu are in one team, then they will certainly win the task. Most of the time, Akhil and Bindu will have a huge debate only on nomination day.  But both fans and contestants know that Bigg Boss is just a game and nothing should be taken personally, so just enjoy it.

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