Aha Na Pellanta Web Series Review

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Raj Tarun as Seenu
Shivani Rajashekar as Maha
Posani Krishna Murali as Mahendra
Amani as Serial Brahma Susheela
Harshavardhan as No ball Narayana
Getup Srinu as Neighbour Seenu
Thagubothu Ramesh as Diwakar 
Dipali Sharma as Sudha
Kritika Singh as Sreeja


Director - Sanjeev Reddy

Story & Screenplay - Sheik Dawood

Dialogues - Kalyan Raghav
DOP - Nagesh Banell, Ashkar Ali
Music Director - Judah Sandhy
Background Score - Pavan Kumar
Editor - Madhu Reddi
Costume Designer - Lanka Santhoshi
Production Designer - Divya Reddy
Art Director - P S Varma

Young actor Raj Tarun is juggling between movies and web series. Raj Tarun’s new series Aha Na Pellanta is currently available on Zee5. Check out the review of Raj Tarun’s Aha Na Pellanta


Srinu (Raj Tarun) has always been desperate for marriage. After a long wait, his wedding is taking place but he has the shock of his life when his bride elopes, leaving him feeling ashamed. His parents (Harshavardhan and Aamani) are shell-shocked as well. Srinu moves to Hyderabad. Unable to forget his humiliation, he likes to take revenge. It is because of Mahi (Shivani Rajashekar) that his bride eloped. Srinu now wants to teach Mahi and her parents a lesson. What does he do? Will he succeed in his aim to take revenge? What does he learn in the process? 


Raj Tarun scored disasters like Stand-Up Rahul and Anubhavinchu Raja in theatres. His OTT debut is different. He is sure to be loved by the viewers in this web series. He shows good modulation. He is not routine. 

Shivani Rajasekhar is very good. She is a girl-next-door character who behaves unpredictably. The men around her are shocked due to her terrible behaviour. But all her decisions have a reason behind them. Good writing elevates her character. 

Harshavardhan, Posani Krishna Murali, Dorababu and Aamani are good. Getup Srinu doesn't get a major role. Madhunandan, Raghu Karamanchi and Tagubothu Ramesh are also seen. 

What's hot?

Director Sanjeev Reddy does full justice to the story and screenplay penned by Sheik Dawood G. The production values give him a platform to showcase his talent. He proves his mettle by getting his actors to do their best. 

The story has got many situations. There is a nice road journey. When Srinu and Mahi end up under the same roof, it leads to fun. 

The web series could have been one episode less, but it is good even at 8 episodes. There are no bumpy ingredients like needless songs and sub-plots. 

Pavan's BGM and Judah Sandhy's music are plus points. The cinematography is also a value-add. 

What's not?

The conflict point may not impress many viewers. 

Mahi falling for Srinu could have been more convincing. 

There are some scenes where the comedy factor is not strong. 


Aha Na Pellanta is a must-watch web series.

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