World Storytelling Day: Indian Storytellers Whose Stories Are The Perfect Dose Of Thrill

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Move over fairytales and other mythological stories, today’s listeners love a fast-paced, full of suspense thriller that keeps them guessing about the next plot twist in the story. Modern day storytellers know the nerve of their listeners very well and they deliver just what is needed. Here’s a list of some popular ones who are known for their spine-chilling, edge of the seat thrillers that can mesmerise the listeners of all age groups.

Sudhanshu Rai

When we talk about thriller stories, the first name to come to mind is Sudhanshu Rai, who has more than 100 odd thriller stories to his credit.Detective Boomrah, a detective character created by him, too has gained immense popularity among the listeners, so much so that it was even converted into a web series. He started his storytelling career on social media, and then moved to other digital platforms, radio and live storytelling.His most popular thriller stories include The Killer, Sylvester’s Cottage and The Missing Mr Kwatrochi, among others. Even as an actor and filmmaker, he has always kept the thrill element intact from Chaipatti to Chintaa Mani. His next story is being made into a Bollywood sci-fi psychological thriller wherein he is expected to play the protagonist

Vikram Bhatt

Bollywood’s renowned director Vikram Bhatt has given the thriller and horror genre a bone chilling spin as his films are the right mix of suspense, and unknown elements. Vikram Bhatt is stepping into the world of audio with ‘The Audio Film Project’ series that was aired from Monday to Saturday. Story of Sia, a girl who travelled from Kanpur to Delhi to search for her missing journalist sister, the first episode sets the tone right and paves the way for Vikram Bhatt to become the undisputed king of audio thriller stories too. This spooky thriller audio project is bound to make your heart beat faster, even as the tagline asks the listeners to listen with eyes closed.

Nikesh Murali

The Commonwealth Short Story Prize Winner, and DWL Story Prize Winner came up with ‘Indian Noir’ a crime thriller series set in India. This collection of plot heavy audio stories focus on thriller as a genre and aims to deliver an edge of the seat, fast paced thriller that seems like riding a roller coaster with a generous dose of action and thrills thrown in. The series has been written, narrated and produced by Nikesh who has a keen interest in thrillers. He is also known for widely popular Visible Poetry Project that was released in 2017 and The Pendant Shakespeare, released in 2007.

RJ Praveen

Who would have known that this RJ, known for his hilarious antics on Red Murga, where he pranks people would be interested in the horror thriller genre. His spine-chilling series on ghost stories titled Ek Kahani AisiBhi is perfect for the lovers of thrillers. With the storytelling style of Praveen, this internationally acclaimed series won Best Innovation in 2015 & 2016 at New York Film Festival and was also the finalist at ACEF Award for Creativity.Having a storytelling style so compelling, one can visualise this audio story happening right in front of us. Don’t miss this treat.

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