Tamil Nadu Police Arrest 3K People in 52 Hours After Four Beheadings

Tamil Nadu Police Arrest 3K People in 52 Hours After Four Beheadings - Sakshi Post

After four beheadings in Tamil Nadu, 3,325 offenders were apprehended in 52 hours by the police.

Tamil Nadu police detained 257 individuals in Chennai after interviewing 2,439 people with criminal records.

Tamil Nadu: On the orders of Tamil Nadu DGP Sylendra Babu, the 'Storming Operation' began on Thursday, resulting in the questioning of 21,592 persons with criminal records, the arrest of 3,325 people, and the seizure of 1,117 firearms, according to the police.

After four incidents of beheadings were recorded earlier this month in Dindigul and Tirunelveli districts, Tamil Nadu Police launched a 52-hour nationwide operation. Last week, the operation began with the questioning of 21,592 people with criminal histories. A total of 2,526 offenders were freed after signing a one-year peace bond.

Although numerous people have been arrested in connection with the deaths, authorities have stated that similar operations will be carried out in the future to preserve peace and order in the state.

The recent beheadings in Tamil Nadu, which police think were revenge killings, acted as a catalyst for the surprise operation.

On October 6 and 9, Tirunelveli will hold rural local body elections. O Panneerselvam, the AIADMK's coordinator and deputy opposition leader, asked chief minister M K Stalin to maintain peace in the area last week.

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