Prakasam: Lover Kills Child To Carry On Extra-marital Affair With Mother

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Prakasam: A tragic incident took place in Ongole of Prakasam District. A man and woman wanting to carry on their extra-marital affair killed a 7-year-old boy as he was coming in the way of their relationship.

This horrific incident happened in Anna Kunta of Yerragondapalem in Prakasam District on March 23rd. The police cracked this case in no time after investigating the details. Throwing light on the incident, the police divulged the details. Markapuram DSP Kishore Kumar disclosed the details at the Yarragondapalem police station.

A woman named Lakshmi from Madinapadu in Dachepally Mandal of Guntur District was married to Thuppakula Srinu from the same village. They had a 7-year-old son. Two years after their son was born, they started living separately as they had irreconcilable differences. 

During this period, Lakshmi was working as an ICRP contract employee in the Department of Nature Agriculture in Kesanapally of Dachepally Mandal.  

During her stint, she got acquainted with a man named Janareddy from Ranganguntla village in the Thirumalgiri zone of Nalgonda district in Telangana. Later, they fell for each other and had an extra-marital affair.

Eventually, Lakshmi and Janareddy lived together for a few days in Miryalaguda of Telangana state. During this time, Lakshmi was staying with her son in Miryalaguda for a few days and in Dachepally for a few more days.

However, Lakshmi's lover Janareddy did not want to go to Dachepally and stay with her son. Janareddy repeatedly asked Lakshmi to leave her son and come with him. He threatened to kill the two if she did not agree to this.

Panicking over his threat, Lakshmi came to her sister's house in Yarragondapalem with her son before the coronavirus lockdown started. Later, Lakshmi shifted her base to Yallareddypalle and rented a house in which she stayed with her mother. After some years, she quit her job and made a living by making embroidery on her saris and selling them in Miryalaguda.

Meanwhile her lover Janareddy came to Yarragondapalem and invited her to elope with him after abandoning her son. He threatened to kill her and the boy if she didn't heed his words.

Janareddy was furious when she told him that she was not going with him. Lakshmi went to Suryapet on March 21 to buy clothes. Janareddy thought this was the right time and plotted to kill Lakshmi's son Saikalyan (7), who was coming in the way of their relationship. Janareddy asked his cousin Brahmareddy for his help in killing the boy.

The duo came together on a bike on the night of March 23 to Lakshmi's rented house in Yarragondapalem. Sai Kalyan, who was sleeping in his grandmother Krishnaveni's lap, was whisked away on a two-wheeler. With this, the boy woke up and asked where he was being taken, and Janareddy told him that they were taking him to see his mother (Lakshmi).

Later, Janareddy took the boy to the woods where he grabbed the boy by both legs and knocked him to the ground. Sai Kalyan then died on the spot after breaking his head on a rock.

Saikalyan's grandmother Kishnaveni lodged a complaint at the Yarragondapalem police station on March 24. Markapuram DSP Kishore Kumar, under the supervision of CI Devaprabhakar, conducted the investigation and cracked the case.

The accused Janareddy and Brahmareddy, who were in Yarragondapalem, were arrested on Monday (March 29) and produced in the Markapuram court. Locals were shocked to learn that a toddler had been brutally murdered over an extramarital affair.

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