Naga Shaurya's Father Shivalinga Prasad Arrested in Farmhouse Gambling Case

Naga Shaurya's Father Shivalinga Prasad Arrested in Manchirevula Farmhouse Gambling Case - Sakshi Post

HYDERABAD: Shivalinga Prasad, the father of Tollywood actor Naga Shaurya, was arrested by the Hyderabad police on Wednesday in connection with the recent gambling case in his farmhouse.

The SOT police have already arrested several people in the connection with a gambling case in the Manchirevula farmhouse which was allegedly taken on lease by the actor’s father and the prime accused  Gutta Suman Chowdary.

After a preliminary investigation by the police, they gathered evidence that Shivalinga Prasad was conducting illegal gambling business with kingpin Gutta Suman. The police have arrested him and produced him in the Upparpalli court. Meanwhile, Shivalinga Prasad's lawyer filed a bail petition in the court.

Further updates are awaited…

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