Family Puts Homosexual Couple Under House Arrest, Girl Rushes To Cops For Help

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Many same-sex couples have to go through some very traumatic events because of their sexuality even after being decriminalized by the Supreme Court. In a recent incident, the Uttar Pradesh police had to intervene in one such case of a homosexual couple.

One of the two women said they were held captive in a room, from where she had escaped seeking police’s help. The woman jumped over a wall to eventually reach the police station so that she could also get her partner rescued safely.

According to a report, the woman also claimed that she and her partner got married at a temple on November 17 last year. The matter was reported at Thakurganj Police Station where the officials offered their help in the sensitive situation. The woman also claimed that she and her partner were being beaten and tortured by their families despite being married to each other.

As per her request, the police managed to rescue her wife from the house in which she was held captive. The police went to the said location in Dubagga and brought the other woman to the Thakurganj Police Station.

ACP IP Singh told that the families of the two women were against their relationship. They were both held captive at the residence of one of the women. In order to deal with the matter, the police decided to call their families to the police station for counselling them.

The families have also informed them that same-sex couples are now given protection by law. So, if they did something similar, a complaint could be lodged against them and appropriate action will be taken.

The couple also asserted that they do not need any assistance from any person as they are self-sufficient. Further, they also emphasized that the two of them want to live peacefully with each other and do not want any interference from people regarding their relationship.

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