Zomato Delivery Boy Reveals Shocking Details About Customer Who Complained Against Him

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Bangalore: Deepender Goyal, the co-founder of Zomato, responds to the female customer-food delivery boy controversy. An investigation into the incident is underway and the facts are expected to come out soon. Until then, Hitesha Chandrani has made it clear that she will bear the medical expenses as well as the legal costs of the arrested delivery boy.

To this extent "Police are investigating the incident in depth. We are cooperating with the investigation. We are in contact with Hitesh. We will bear his medical expenses. We are in touch with Kamaraj in the same way. Both came forward with their own arguments. Our first priority is to know what is the truth. Until then, we will give the two the help they need, "he said on Twitter.

Goyal, who has been working with his company for the last 26 months, said, "He has made 5,000 food deliveries so far." He received a rating of 4.75 / 5 for his services. We will support him until the truth is confirmed."

Beauty Influencer Hitesha Chandrani, who ordered a meal in Zomato, has accused the food delivery boy of punching her in the face. "When asked why he was late, he scratched me till I bled," says the video she released which has now become a sensation. The delivery boy Kamaraj and Zomato were criticized on social media.

In this context, Kamaraj told a media channel on Thursday, "I asked her to pay the bill after serving her lunch. I also apologized for being late due to a traffic jam. But she refused to take the food. I was then informed that she had cancelled the order. With this, I asked for the food packet to be returned. But, no matter how much I asked, she did not respond properly. I decided to go back not wanting to make a scene anymore. Meanwhile, she started swearing in Hindi. She attempted to push me. In the process. the ring on her finger touched the nose and started bleeding. This thing becomes clear if you examine her face properly. It is clear that I did not lay a hand on her." I have already spent Rs 25K  for getting involved in this case, he signs off.

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