These Ultrashort Throw Projectors Are All Set To Revolutionize Home Theatres Forever

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We pick compact and smart products that will truly amp up immersive home entertainment like never before

Is smarter technology phasing out large-screen televisions and replacing them with seamless home entertainment facilitated by projectors? We will have to wait for a definitive answer to that question but there is no doubt that smart and compact devices are decisively taking on bulky televisions.

Here is our list of the best ultra-short-throw projectors launched in 2021 that are all set to revolutionize home theatres forever.

Aura - 4K Laser TV Ultra Short Throw Projector

Aura comes from the stable of award-winning company XGIMI and offers the best features and specifications in its category at a very competitive price.  For consumers looking to upgrade their home entertainment to another level, Aura offers a dazzling 4K/UHD/HDR 10 support for Ultra Brightness and premium sound courtesy of inbuilt Harmon Kardon speakers. It is also powered with the latest Android 10 TV and the projector offers larger-than-life home entertainment across a stunning 150-inch screen. Ambient Light Rejection Screens (ALR) can be additionally bought with the Aura for the best possible picture quality under bright ambient lights or even when you carry it outdoors.  To protect the eyesight of the viewer, the light source in the device also dims whenever someone gets too close. It comes packed with rich interfaces that connect you easily to TV boxes, Xbox, Blu-ray player, the PlayStation game console, and much more.

Priced at Rs. 4,00,000, Aura is available on the official XGIMI website -

Optoma CinemaX P2


This feature-packed stunner boasts a 4K UHD resolution and premium Dolby Digital 2.0 audio and creates a cinematic experience that no TV can match. The ultra-short-throw technology facilitates entertainment across a 120-inch screen and its BrilliantColor technology offers an enhanced and realistic viewing experience like no other.  With Optoma Smart+ on board, P2 goes beyond the definition of a projector and works like an information console, an art gallery, and a personal assistant. Prepare to be stunned by its  8 million pixel display, perfect pixel alignment, and great ANSI contrast. Enjoy the brightest whites, the deepest darks, and lifelike colour. It also has a  built-in Bluetooth speaker.

Priced at Rs. 4,89,149, Optoma CinemaX P2 is available on Amazon

Epson EpiqVision LS300TB


Here is your chance to immerse yourself in a new type of screenless TV experience (in Full-HD HDR picture, no less) with the Epson EpiqVision Ultra LS300B Smart Streaming Laser Projector. This innovative, smart little beauty utilizes an advanced, ultra-short-throw design and offers you full-bodied sound by Yamaha and makes your viewing experience hassle-free and effortless.  Simply place the projector inches from the wall and binge-watch TV shows, cheer your favourite sports stars, laugh and cry while watching movies of your choice on up to an astonishing 305 cm (120”) screen. Featuring a built-in Android TV2 with wireless connectivity, the Epson EpiqVision LS300 Streaming Laser Projector gives you seamless access to popular streaming services right out of the box.

Priced at Rs. 6,08,425, Epson EpiqVision LS300TB is available on Amazon.

BenQ V7050i


Your home theatre experience just got better and you can watch the content of your choice in crisp detail, vibrant colour, and uniform display. Feast your eyes on the ultimate laser TV experience that offers uncompromising image quality and outstanding contrast control, even in brightly lit spaces.  With specifications like 4K UHD, 98% DCI-P3, HDR Pro, and Filmmaker Mode for delivering content as the director envisioned, this is a state-of-the-art addition to the home entertainment segment. BenQ also comes with a Google-certified Android TV for complete access to the Google Play store supported by 10GB internal memory. Ultra short throw projection for a 120’’ inch screen means you can have a grand visual extravaganza, just at 13.1 inches from the wall. Enjoy also the brightest highlights and the darkest shadows via the projector-optimized tone mapping

Priced at  Rs. 5,49,000, BenQ V7050i is available on Amazon.

Samsung Premiere LSP9T


This top-of-the-line product delivers a dramatic theatrical experience right at home, thanks to its triple laser light source. With absolutely precise colour accuracy and incredibly life-like contrast on 130-inch screen space, the Premiere is a  world-class HDR10+ certified projector for realistic, vibrant viewing. Experience the grandeur and vibrance of cinema as it is meant to be watched with Filmmaker Mode, a revolutionary setting on any projector. Enjoy also an amazing, immersive sound to match the stunning display with 40 watts of 4.2ch audio built-in.

Priced at Rs. 7,51,599, Samsung Premiere LSP9T is available on Amazon.

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