RK Roja's Reaction To Bhuvaneshwari's Comments On Chandrababu Crying Episode

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CHITTOOR: Nagari YSRCP MLA RK Roja Selvamani remarked that  Bhuvaneswari was, in fact, facing danger from Chandrababu Naidu and one needs to be wary of the TDP Chief.  Speaking to the media on Tuesday at her residence, the YSRCP leader alleged that Chandrababu had planned the whole drama and faked those tears even though there was nothing said about his wife in the Assembly.  He was restricted to 23 seats in the last elections due to the women’s curse.

Responding to the remarks made by Chandrababu's wife’s Bhuvaneswari, she said, "Whoever slanders women unnecessarily, whoever conspires and tries to put them down will go as per their own fate,” she said. Roja reminded how she was barred from the Assembly after speaking against the call money racket. "Did Bhubaneswari not see the incident where she (Roja) was suspended for a year and harassed while speaking in the Assembly about that issue," Roja questioned.

" Didn't she hear their cries the day when the sand mafia manhandled MRO Vanajakshi? What was Bhuvaneshwari doing when so many students like Rishiteshwari were killed. What is Bhubaneswari doing when the victims' parents are clueless, without knowing the cause of their children's deaths and without any FIR being filed against the culprits," she asked. " Weren’t the tears of their families visible to her when 30 people were killed during the Godavari Pushkaralu? ” the YSRCP MLA asked.

RK  Roja further said that women today have complete protection, are being given all equal rights in all areas. By introducing laws like the Disha act for their safety, women now proudly state that Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy is standing up to them like a brother, she concluded.

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