Package Star Has Got 4 Marriages & 4 Constituencies: CM Jagan in Kakinada

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Pawan Kalyan is ready to sit or stand if Chandrababu orders: CM Jagan

Pawan acts at Chandrababu Naidu’s behest

Fully compromised Pawan is incapable of standing up for people!

Chandrababu wants to loot Andhra Pradesh

Pawan Kalyan wants to loot Kapu votes for Chandrababu

Pawan Kalyan as a Marriage Star doesn’t have any love for any of his women

As a package star, he doesn't have any love for any constituency!

There is no character in TDP - Janasena - BJP Alliance

CM Jagan's Speech Highlights: Memantha Siddham, Kakinada

- Kakinada looks Siddham (ready). Godavari in Kakinada is overflowing with your love! In all your faces, I can see the desire to save the YSRCP government that has done good in the last five years.

- Elections are only 25 days away. All the poor people are gearing up to go out and vote, and show their power

- Today, there is a class war going on in the state. Are you all ready to defeat this anti-poor alliance so that the poor don’t always stay poor and their exploitation stops

- Your vote will decide how our lives will be for the next 5 years / 1820 days. We should vote for those who will change our lives for the better. Your vote will decide whether the schemes received by Jagan / YSRCP Govt will continue or not

- If you vote for Jagan, you will get all the welfare schemes. If you cast two votes on the Fan (YSRCP symbol), the secretariat system will continue in your village. Old age pensions and your child's marked governance will continue to provide assistance 

- Remember, Chandrababu is ready to cheat you again with his fake assurances. If you vote for Babu, everything will stop. Janmabhoomi Committees will return. There will be a system of looting and sharing amongst capitalists. If you vote for Chandrababu, these animals will come to drink your blood

- If you vote for the ‘fan’, agricultural services provided to the farmers in the village will continue. If you vote for the ‘fan’, your children will get English medium training in government schools. Everything from TOEFL training to tabs is available. With all this, our children will be ready to compete with the outside world in another ten years. Even the rich children envy the English spoken by our poor children!

- If you vote for Chandrababu, all the benefits received today will stop. (Chandramukhi comes to your house saying Lakha Lakha.)

- The revolution and reformation that YSRCP Govt brought in the state will continue only if you vote for the fan. If you vote for the fan, women empowerment will continue. If you vote for the fan, welfare will be given to the poor without discrimination

- Everyone, I urge you to vote wisely. Vote only for those who have done you good. These elections are not to choose your MLAs and MPs.These elections will change your fate. I request you to think whether you want the rule of your child (Jagan) who has done good or the rule of an alliance of big leaders who only loot

- In these five years, I have tried to benefit every household, so I am alone in these elections. This coalition, which has never done any good to the poor, is coming to war together as a gang of wolves full of conspiracies. Our flag is flying high. That’s why the alliance flag falls down even if it is attached to four other flags

- There is no philosophy in the alliance, it's not what people wish for. No matter who the alliance partner is, the final uniform will be that of Chandrababu. Chandrababu makes the final call. Package star tickets are given to anyone. If Babu says sit, all sit. If Babu says stand, everyone stands. If he says hit Jagan, means they all come to hit me.

- If Pawan Kalyan asks for 80 seats, and is given only 20, he is still ok with the compromise. How cheap is Andhra Pradesh for the package star?

- Vadinamma, who was in the alliance, joined the Congress first. She later joined BJP. When Chandrababu reached out to her, she turned her back on her own father. This is the situation of Vadinamma who is indirectly working for Chandrababu

- There should be a discussion on why Chandrababu is hatching so many conspiracies. I am asking one simple question - ‘Whether someone can name just one good scheme by  Chandrababu’. They can’t answer this. Now, Chandrababu's alliance has nothing left to throw at me

- True revolutionary decisions made by the YSRCP government are etched in history. If all these are to continue in the future, everyone should become my star campaigners and go to every household and explain our good governance. It should be explained how the promises made by Chandrababu in 2014 were all fake and the manifesto was just a bunch of lies

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