Kuppam Then and Now: Naidu Neglected, CM Jagan Transformed

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Kuppam development under YSRCP: Chandrababu Naidu, former chief minister of Andhra Pradesh, neglected his own Kuppam constituency for over three decades. Locals say the area saw little progress until YS Jagan Mohan Reddy took office in 2019. In the five years since, the new government has brought much-needed development.

Naidu represented Kuppam for several years and served as state's chief minister three times. Though he remained in power longer, he failed to improve living conditions in his home district. In contrast, Jagan Mohan Reddy has prioritised advancing Kuppam despite it being represented by his arch rival Naidu. The people hope continued efforts by the current administration will make up for decades of neglect under Naidu's leadership.

In just four years under YSRCP, Kuppam gained municipality status and its own revenue division. The village secretariat system expanded access to governance down to every household. People of all parties, castes, and creeds now benefit from welfare schemes and development funds.

A longstanding goal was irrigation for Kuppam through the Handri Neeva canals. Despite 14 years as chief minister, Naidu never delivered this. But in under five years, YSRCP completed the Kuppam branch canal of the Handri Neeva Sujala Sravanthi project, finally bringing water to the region. Jagan Mohan Reddy secured crucial irrigation for constituency crops that Naidu neglected.

The people feel progress coming to Kuppam. Welfare and infrastructure development show the YSRCP government's commitment to equitable development, in contrast to Naidu's indifference. Kuppam has undergone enormous development and progress in a short time under YSRCP rule. The constituency's fortunes have turned around, and locals now praise the YSR Congress government for this transformation.

Having experienced years of neglect under Naidu, Kuppam residents feel the current administration is finally addressing their needs. As a result, voters have decided to teach a lesson to Naidu in the upcoming Assembly and Lok Sabha national elections.

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