English Palem In Machilipatnam Historic Facts You Must Know

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Machilipatnam is a city in Krishna district of Andhra Pradesh and is one of the oldest seaports in the world. Machilipatnam has existed since 3rd century. According to  Ptolemy, it was known as Maisolos. The Periplus of the Erythraean Sea calls it Masalia in the 1st-century BCE. Machilipatnam fort was a major port for international trade and traders from France, Portugal, Holland, and other places used to visit Machilipatnam.

Now know how the names English Palem, Parasupeta,  Valandapalem, Robertsonpeta, Butchupeta have got.


A European Man named Robertson worked as the Collector of Krishna district in the year 1816. Before taking the charge as the collector, he worked as Assistant Collector for the Krishna district which was a combination of the present Guntur, East Godavari, West Godavari, and Krishna district. According to Machilipatnam Charitra, a person killed a woman named Parvathamma in the forest area because she didn't clear the debt. After the murder of the woman, Robertson cleared the forest area and converted it into a marketplace. So, the place was named after Robertson.


Wanna know how the name Butchupeta came into existence? Here we go... A man named Butch Panthulu used to supply food for the British in the year 1648. The British who were impressed with Butch Panthulu gave 20 to 30 acres of land and the area was named after him.

English Palem:

We all know that the English indulged in exporting and importing various goods especially textiles. The English mainly lived in Rangrez Palem where people used to dye clothes. Muslims used to call the place Angrezulu and later it became English Palem.


In the year 1756, the traders from France came to Machilipatnam from Paris and they were called Faraasulu or Paraasulu. The place where they lived was called Parasupeta or the French Peta.


The Dutch were the first to enter Machilipatnam through the sea route in the year 1602. Most of the traders who came were from Holland, the capital of the Netherlands, and settled in Machavarm. So, people used to call them Hollandeeyulu or Hollandeeya, and the place was termed as Vollandeyapalem and later the name changed to Vollandeyapalem.

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