Chandrababu & Co's Self-Goal on Pensions and Volunteers, Decision Backfires

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YSR Kanuka Pensions Delay Due To TDP's Move

YS Jagan Mohan Reddy-led government successfully retaliates TDP's propaganda on pensions

Political Pundits Find Fault with Chandrababu

YSRCP is expected to have the last laugh in the whole episode

Chandrababu Naidu, with 40 years of political experience, often claims to be a 'Visionary', 'Chanakya', 'Father of IT', and so on and so forth. Naidu musters all his experience in doing scams, say political analysts and experts. Naidu has a high skill in doing scams and corruption which is proved by the Skill Development Scam.

Trying to corner CM YS Jagan Mohan Reddy and the ruling YSRCP, Chandrababu & Co, including the Yellow Media, came up with the master plan of stopping pension distribution to direct homes through the volunteers. Naidu and Co made their moves through Nimmagadda Ramesh Kumar and approached the court. As the court ruled in their favour, Naidu and Co thought they had succeeded by stopping the volunteers. Whereas, little did Naidu and Yellow media expect that the decision would backfire. That is exactly what happened now.

With a pause for pensions, aged men and women are struggling to make their ends meet. A lot of them are sick, bedridden, physically challenged and hence they can't move. Chandrababu & Co's decision has given a jolt to their lives. As many as 64 lakh beneficiaries suffered a setback with this. All these are expected to turn against the TDP and Co.

The YSRCP has managed to fight against the TDP's propaganda on pensions and volunteers. It gave a strong retort and showed who is behind - Chandrababu - the delay in pensions for aged persons. TDP didn't anticipate this. Now, TDP, its allies and Yellow media have caught off-guard. They are looking for damage control options but in vain.

As the elections are fast approaching, a four-decade experienced politician Chandrababu scored a self-goal. Political pundits are also finding fault with Naidu on this.

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