Couple Who Lost Twin Daughters In AP Boat Mishap Blessed With Twins On The Same Day Children Died

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VISAKHAPATNAM: A couple who lost their twin daughters in a boat mishap on September 15, 2019, were blessed with a pair of girls exactly on the same day their children died.

T Appala Raju and Bhagyalakshmi were totally devastated after they lost their two daughters in a boat mishap in the river Godavari near Devipatnam in Andhra Pradesh.

As the boat had embarked on the trip to Rajahmundry, it capsized near Kucchuluru village and 51 people lost their lives. Although the couple survived, their daughters Vaishnavi, Ananya, and seven other family members, including Appala Raju's mother, were also killed in the accident in the ill-fated boat named Royal Vashitha.

Bhagyalakshmi and her husband, an employee in a glass manufacturing unit, approached a fertility centre in the city last year for children. After giving birth to two children, Bhagyalakshmi underwent a tubectomy and was worried that she couldn’t conceive again. While consulting several doctors they contacted Padmashree Hospital who told them that there was a possibility of having children through IVF.

Bhagyalakshmi gave birth to twins through IVF on September 15, exactly two years after the death of her two daughters. The husband and wife were overjoyed that the twins were also daughters.

A rare event in medical history

Last year, Appalaraju and Bhagyalakshmi couple contacted us at the outpatient clinic. We had to convince them and instill self-confidence and started the IVF treatment. The case was taken up as a challenge and priority and the couple was fully supportive. Though the birth was expected on October 20, we had to conduct surgery on September 15 as Bhagyalakshmi started having labour pains. Both babies were born healthy, weighing 1.9 kg and 1.65 kg, respectively. We feel that this is a rare event in medical history.                                                                                                                       -                                                                                                                         -  Dr. Sudha Padmashree

The unexpected blessing in the form of the twins and daughters has given Raju and Bhagyalakshmi a new lease and hope in life. "We are so happy and blessed. It's all God's grace," the couple beamed.

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