Andhra Pradesh: Chicken Prices To Cross Rs 320!

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VISAKHAPATNAM: With chicken prices are skyrocketing here,  has left the consumers moving away from buying any form of poultry. Broiler chicken prices touched an all-time record high price and crossed the Rs 300 mark since the second phase of COVID.

Currently, chicken prices in Andhra Pradesh are rising due to a lack of production to meet consumer demand. Breeding chicken takes a long time due to the summer heat.  In the summer season for a chicken to gain weight and be market-ready it takes more days when compared to other seasons. This has resulted in the rise and in addition, prices of corn, oil-free soybeans, and bran, which are used as fodder for chickens, have also gone up sharply this year.

At one stage, the price of skinless chicken went down by Rs 80 per kg. However, after the second wave of COVID subsided, the prices of chicken continued to rise. At one stage, it reached an all-time record of Rs 280 per kg.

It later surpassed those rates and touched Rs 312. However, at the beginning of the year, the price of chicken remained below the Rs 200 mark per kilogram. While the price continued to be stable at Rs 214 in January this year, it rose to Rs 280 on March 1st.

But since May 1 the price of a kilo of skinless chicken rose from Rs 228 to Rs 312 on May 12, setting an all-time record. A Poultry wholesale seller from Visakhapatnam says that it might go up further till the end of the summer season.

Source: Sakshi Paper

According to the Poultry Federation of India (PFI), the rise in poultry feed prices has led to an increase in the cost of production, which has pushed up farm gate prices across the country. As per sources in the Andhra Pradesh broiler coordination committee, apart from the summer, the transportation of broiler birds has become quite expensive, and the death of the birds during the transportation is also high. While demand for poultry meat is high, the breeding, and transportation of birds have become challenging, thus pushing up prices.

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