You Can’t Even Become A Sarpanch, Sri Reddy On Pawan Kalyan

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Sri Reddy is known for making controversial statements, is back in the news again. The actress who had attacked several film personalities, this time has targeted Pawan Kalyan once again.

She made sensational comments on Pawan Kalyan by saying that 'Pawan Kalyan can't become Chief Minister for this life nor can he become even a Sarpanch.

Currently, Sri Reddy is residing somewhere in Tamil Nadu, but her focus on the ''Mega family'' hasn't changed even a bit. She made some controversial comments on Pawan Kalyan and his fans last time also which senty shock waves among the netizens. She said that, " I'm telling you to mark my words. You will never grow in your life. You don't know how to respect women, you made so many girls pregnant. Thousands of people are behind you, doesn't show your stardom or fame. Character is a need for every human being to set an example for the people. I'm living in the same house in Hyderabad, I'll often come and go. Do whatever you want to do, I'm not scared of you or your fans. All mega fans also can't do anything to me.

Some of the mega fans made comments that ' I ran to Chennai city because I was scared of the mega family, 'they are asking was I really born to parents', other people were telling we don't have any caste biased opinions. I'm telling you all, Pawan played with many girls, he doesn't have right to comment on Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy. By now, three to five girls have already cursed him and results are also visible, which isn't making him to grow in his career.

It is highly impossible for you to become Chief Minister and forget CM neither can you become a Sarpanch to a village. I always supported good causes. You lost actor Ali who loved and supported you. People who joined into your party with confidence that Pawan would do something are leaving the party after learning true colours about you. Why shouldn't I appear in TV channels? If I'm doing something wrong or ruining lives of people then god is there to punish, she concluded.

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