Now, Sri Reddy Wonders How Many Pakistanis Love Her!

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The news of the Union government's move to revoke Article 370 of the Constitution, which gives special status to Jammu and Kashmir, bringing cheers to the nation, several regions across India broke into celebrations.

One amongst them was Sri Reddy who was actively posting about the Government's proposal to scrap the bill through her social media posts on Twitter and Facebook. She finally ended it with a cryptic post on Tuesday asking "How many Pakistanis are loving me?? "" #SriReddy   followed by a couple of insinuating hash tags like #GlobalTerroristPakistan #KashmirMeinTiranga #Article370Scrapped #ModiKillingKashmiris...

In her Twitter post she was seen posing in front of a Dargah at an unknown destination.
This evoked a series of comments some vulgar and some downright crassy, but guess our Missy is quite used to this and gave fitting repartees to many of them.

Must give it to her the lady had some real ''Desh Bhakth"" where she was seen posting No Jihad only "jaihind " ... Hey Pakistan terrorists, there is no work from tomorrow go nd become a farmers, at least give food to ur country poor people and 370,35A cancelled, got an independence to my jammu n Kashmir..appriciated BJP for this act..mera bharat mahaan,jaihind etc.

The rest of the messages are something we would recommend viewing on open FaceBook and Twitter walls.

But by the looks of all those message she seems to have acquired a huge fan base among the Pakistanis also.

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