Chennai Man Loses Sister In Revenge Attack After He Elopes With Girl

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T.Nagar: In a bizarre murder of rage, a couple in Chennai eloped, and the brothers of the the woman in fury murdered the man’s sister. Arivaligi (23), the daughter of Manimaram and Arumba of Kandakudi village in Ariyarul district of Tamil Nadu, was married four years ago to Kashinathan, son of Thangaraj hailing from the Kilkanginuru village. The couple now have a daughter Rorishi (3). Kashinathan is currently staying in Kerala. Arivaligi’s elder brother Kannan (27) and Meena daughter of Kashinathan’s elder brother Karuna Nidhi are in love, which was opposed to by Meena’s famliy. Kannan and Meena left their houses to live together.

An enraged Mariyappan(21), elder brother of Meena and Selva Raju(37), another brother of Kashinathan gave a death warning to Arivaligi. Both of them picked up a fight with Arivaligi on the same issue on the Saturday. Arivaligi’s famliy who learned about the incident came down to meet her and were shocked to find her lying dead. Later, they lodged a complaint with the Kilapaguluru police, who have taken Mariyappan and Selva Raju into custody and produced them in the court on Monday. Both of them are now in remand.

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