Movie Not Needed To Know About Chandrababu’s Misdeeds: Posani

Movie Not Needed To Know About Chandrababu’s Misdeeds: Posani - Sakshi Post

Amaravati: Actor,writer and YSR Congress Party supporter Posani Krishna Murali came down on heavliy on Telugu Desam Party Chief N Chandrababu Naidu today. In a public message, Posani said that if people vote for the TDP then the state will be destroyed and if anyone speaks against the ruling party their lives also would be destroyed by him.

Posani said there was nobody as corrupt, useless, conspiring , and backstabbing as Chandrababu. The people of Andhra Pradesh know this fact. Chandrababu has the reputation of backstabbing his own father- in- law and YS Jagan Mohan Reddy need not care about a person so low , he said.

Posani said that if Babu was voted then the Kamma community alone would prosper. Taking a dig at RGVs movie , he said that was it necessary for anyone to make a film condemning Chandrababu. People know about his misdeeds, he said .

Back-stabbing NTR, the Vote for Note case, the buying of the 23 YRSCP MLAs like buffaloes in a fair, abusing the SC STs, the statement he made that nobody would want to be born a dalit, are things that people are completely aware of , Posani said. How could he allow his own MLAs to make such derogatory statements against the Dalits, and people know all this, he reiterated.

Chandrababu has not spared anyone it the Brahmins, Nayee brahmins, Malas, Madigas, or even many from his own Kamma community, he said.

Referring to the YS Jagan attack case at Visakhapatnam airport on October 25, 2018, Chandrababu tries to get him killed ,but feigns innocence, and ruins people lives if they talk against him. When people know about this, what is the need for a special movie to be made about him.

When the late NTR was asked about the movie made on him titled Mandaladhyakshudu, a man of his stature simply brushed aside the question that someone acted like him, saying that he only acted like him. He was a true leader, Posani said.

“But you are scared if someone tries to make film depicting you in it, you will go to any extent of having it stalled and remove any traces of it on the internet and wherever. You are so scared of such unimportant things,” he questioned. “You won the elections by lying about the pointers in your manifesto, he alleged.You complain that the movie is in violation of the Model Code of Conduct, but when you abuse your opponent, then the rules don't apply to you,” Posani posted out.

“What is wrong in asking people to vote for a good person...I am a YSRCP sympathiser and i will ask people to vote for YS Jagan. What is wrong in that?” he asked .

“Has Jagan ever indulged in land grabbing, taken loans and defaulted like Sujana Choudary, How many people from TDP have not cheated banks,” Posani questioned .

The CBI has turned out be in a bad state and it was obvious in the way they handled the case buy producing fake letter.

“I am not a corrupt person like your son, nor am I a rowdy sheeter, nor am I a land grabber, I have no cases filed against me. Why should I be questioned by anyone?”, he asked.

Posani added, “I have never told anyone that I am making a film. There is no connection between the title of the movie specified in the petition and my film. The film that I am making is a conversation between a social worker and a CM. This movie is not about Chandrababu Naidu,” he clarified. The movie plot is about a social worker questioning the CM about the death of a farmer, shows him the letter, and goes to court, he clarified.

There is no mention of any names, state or party here . It is the censor board that has to clear his film and the Election Commission has no say, he pointed out. “However, if they did object then I will go to court. Asking me to appear on the 20th of this month is something that is not acceptable”, he said. Posani made it clear that if the Election Commission has sent the notice for him to appear without any proper evidence or information, then people will have to doubt the Election Commission's reliability.

Posani said that he would not appear on the specified date of March 20 before the Election Commission.

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