TRS Manifesto Heavily Inspired By Congress: Uttam Kumar Reddy

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Hyderabad:Post TRS Chief K Chandrasekhar Rao announcing his party's partial manifesto ,TPCC President Uttam Kumar Reddy slammed KCR for outrightly 'copying' the Congress manifesto. Speaking to media persons at Gandhi Bhavan on Tuesday, he said that KCR has copied their manifesto word-by-word and this proves that Congress will win the upcoming elections in 2018. Addressing every pointer mentioned in the TRS manifesto, Uttam Kumar Reddy said KCR did not talk about the promises he made in the 2014 elections and now he is announcing a fresh one just before the elections .

Unemployment Issue in the State

Talking about the unemployment issue, Reddy said that the TRS has realized that there are more than 12 Lakh unemployed youth in the state now. When the Congress announced an allowance of Rs 3000 for unemployed youth he laughed at us and now he has announced the same himself. And this also meant that the TRS government has accepted the fact that there are so many unemployed youth in the state.

Welfare Schemes

Talking about enhancement of the current pension scheme for senior citizens, widows & women beedi workers from Rs 1000 to Rs 2000 and the physically handicapped pension amount to Rs 3000, he questioned the TRS as to why they were doing it now and talking about it as part of the manifesto.


KCR spoke against the overall budgetary allocations of over Rs 6.75 lakh Crores in the last four-and-a-half years, not a single rupee was allocated to give bonus to farmers. With a clear defeat in sight, KCR is now talking about farmers' welfare and Market Intervention Fund by copying the terms from Congress manifesto, he said. He said that the crop loan waiver implemented by TRS government did not benefit the farmers as it was split into four instalments. But today, KCR is talking about waiving crop loans up to ₹1 lakh at one go. The CM has to apologise for deaths of the 4,500 farmers who committed suicide due to the negligence of TRS government and not a single family got any assistance so far.


How could the CM who could not achieve the promises made in 2014 in the past four years suddenly claim that he would fulfil the same and promise more of them just 50 days before the elections? Ridiculing the CM he said that the revenue surplus in Telangana had transformed into a debt after borrowing of Rs 2 lakh crore in loans. Of the 64 lakh Dalits in the State, how many have received the promised 3-acre land? And what about the promise of making a Dalit the Chief Minister?” he asked. He promised to spend RS 20-25 thousand Crores for BC welfare schemes and has not even spent Rs 7-8 thousand Crores on them. Minorities were promised 13% reservations, Wakf Board lands and an Urdu academy was also promised by the CM which he has failed to achieve. He has been unable to fill the Government jobs, provide PRCs & IRs for teachers and working people, why hasn't he annulled the CCs he questioned further.

Housing Scheme

He said that K Chandrasekhara Rao was copying the Congress promise of giving funds to people to construct their own houses and citing the findings of survey as the reason. KCR had announced in the Assembly that his government would construct 1.60 lakh double bed room houses across the State of which he said he would build one lakh houses in Hyderabad itself in three years. But why has the Government not completed those houses and now talks about modifying the housing policy, he said.

He will go down in history as the only CM for not meeting the common man and said that people have a short memory and they would not fall for his cheap tactics and teach him a lesson in next elections. Congress will win the coming elections and rule the state and fulfil all the promises it has made.

Congress Manifesto Promises

If elected to power the Congress party would give one lakh grant for women welfare organisations, Rs 10 Lakhs bank loans for welfare groups where the State would bear the interest, they would also regularise SERP jobs and provide Rs 10 thousand for RO and Insurance agents, they would bring back the Abhaya Hastham Scheme, provide free medical aid up to Rs 5 Lakhs for BPL families and enhance the Arogya Sri scheme. He also spoke about providing 7 kgs rice, sugar, oil chilli powder, wheat flour, and 9 other basic ration essentials and give 6 LPG cylinder.

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