Singapore: Telugu Kids Shine In Ravi Kanchina Potana Bhagavata Slokam Competition

Ravi Kanchina Potana Bhagavata Padyala Potee 2021 - Singapore - Sakshi Post

Ravi Kanchina Potana Bhagavata Slola Reciting Competition 2021 in  Singapore was conducted virtually on Saturday. Fifteen children from across Singapore took part in the event rendered the slokas of the Telugu Potana Bhagavatam.

As part of the ongoing Bhagavata poetry reciting competitions around the world, Singapore's leading organizations "Kakatiya Sanskritika Parivaram" "Telugu Bhagavata Prachara Samithi" "Sri Sanskritika Kalasarathi" and "Singapore Telugu Samajam" organized a pre-competition competition exclusively for Telugu people this weekend. The guests of honor at the event were Mr. Mallik Pucha, President of "Bhagavata Animutyas" from America, and Sai Rachakonda, Organizer, and Mr. Nemani Parthasarathy, Lead Singer, who came and offered his blessings to the children.

The judges were Lanka Durgaprasad, Pathuri Rambabu, and Dornala Radhakrishna Sharma who were impressed with the way the children read the verses with perfect diction.

Ulapally Bhaskar, Chief Organizer of the event, said, "It is very important to pass on a spiritual treasure like Bhagavatam to our future generations. Organizations like IBAM have set up these competitive programs to increase the interest in Bhagavatam, especially among children.

As a special gift to all the children who participated in this event Bhagavata slokas are taught for a month by Sri Nemani Parthasarathy. Also, the children selected from the program will participate in the second phase of the competition which will be held in September.

Jyotishwara Reddy, Vice President, Telugu Society, Singapore,  Subbu Palakurthy, Vice President, Kakatiya Cultural Parivar, Kavuthur Ratna Kumar, President, Sanskritika Kalasarathy, etc. participated in the event and congratulated the children. Radha Pingali has been sponsoring children who have registered for the event for the past six weeks to participate in the competition.

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