Serapy: Hyderabad Teenpreneurs Therapy to Beat COVID Blues

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Students from Hyderabad assist teenagers with mental health difficulties.

The student entrepreneurs are laying the groundwork for a student mental health community.

Hyderabad: Most students, particularly teens, have suffered from being confined to their homes and having fewer opportunities to connect. Anshu Reddy Gondi and Shivani Tripurani, two Hyderabadi youngsters, were on the same boat. However, they turned their difficulty into a commercial opportunity, and Serapy was formed as a result.

The two girls founded Serapy—Students Therapy to address their friends' mental health difficulties and give wings to their entrepreneurial goals. The website provides a variety of programmes and courses to assist kids in becoming more aware of their mental and emotional health, as well as seeking professional treatment when necessary.

"During the pandemic, we realised the importance of mental health. We not just make students – from private and government schools – aware about the mental wellbeing but also provide a safe and secure platform to share their feelings," explains Chirec School 11th grade students Anshu Reddy Gondi and Shivani Tripurani.

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The Buddy Program, the Mentor Program, and the Anonymous Program are the three programmes available on the platform.

The Buddy Programme joins two strangers of comparable ages and interests, allowing them to become friends and get emotional support by confiding in one another. A qualified volunteer will be partnered with a student in the Mentor Program to provide support and advice while remaining in touch throughout a certain number of sessions.

According to Anshu and Shivani, the Anonymous Program is a more sophisticated programme in which students desire to maintain their anonymity while receiving emotional assistance.

The sessions are conducted via Zoom, and we divide them into breakout rooms for privacy. We also encourage them to call a volunteer if they think they need help. "Through social media posts, Zoom calls, and government school sessions, we ensure that we are constantly raising awareness about mindfulness, physical activities, concentration techniques, and more," the students say.

The non-profit organisation does not have any investors, but it secured a position as one of the five winning startups at the Winter Incubation Programme by Clever Harvey and received a Rs 25,000 seed grant.

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