Spoiler Alert Prema Entha Madhuram Today’s Episode August 06: Arya Helps Subbu Earn Money

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Meera visits Subbu and Padma to give them Arya and Anu’s wedding invitation cards. She later humiliates Subbu’s family about their poverty that they cannot even buy Mangalsutra to Anu for her wedding.

Meera later gives a cheque to Subbu to use the amount for Anu’s wedding. When Subbu refuses it, Meera tells that Anu is like her sister and she wanted to share some responsibilities with Subbu.

However, Subbu rejects her help and says that God will show him some way to earn money for Anu’s wedding. Meanwhile, a group of ladies visit their house and asks Subbu to sell the sarees for distributing them in their community. While Subbu becomes happy, Anu senses that it is Arya’s plan and she calls him to thank him.

Later, Padma gives juice to Meera. But she drops the glass and breaks it. As Padma steps away, Meera uses a glass shard to injure herself and drips her blood on the card. Will Subbu and Padma worry that this is the indication of a bad omen is to be watched in the next episode.

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